Gain access to more buyers

We know that selling a property is a big deal and can be stressful. Whether or not you get the price you’re looking for (or, even better, exceeding it) can have a huge impact on the next property you buy and your overall financial position.

We think SharedListing can help take some of the stress out of selling a property by giving you comfort that the person who ends up buying your property is truly the one who’s going to pay the best price. And it won’t cost you anything.

SharedListing is simple

SharedListing is a platform where real estate agents share their listings and invite other agents to introduce buyers for an advertised share in the sales commission.

When you’ve appointed your listing agent, in addition to the normal marketing process, your agent shares the property on SharedListing with other agents who have buyers in your area. This is an easy 5-minute process that your agent can do from their phone.

If another agent introduces someone who wasn’t already active on your property and that person ends up being the buyer, the agent who made the introduction will get a share of the listing agent’s commission.

Outcomes of SharedListing

When you sell a property listed on SharedListing there are only two outcomes:

  • The property sells to a buyer uncovered by your agent through the normal marketing process and you’ll have peace of mind that there was no other agent out there with a buyer prepared to pay more; or

  • The property will sell to a buyer introduced through SharedListing and you’ll have achieved a higher sale price at no additional cost to you.

Either way it’s a win for you!

Hedging your bets – pre-marketing campaigns

Sometimes your listing agent might recommend that they introduce a few of their most prospective buyers to your property before it officially goes “on the market” (sometimes referred to as a pre-marketing period). The benefit of this is that you might achieve a sale that meets or exceeds your expectations without having to incur substantial marketing costs, the hassle of open homes and the stress many people associate with a long and public marketing campaign.

Despite these benefits, a sale during a pre-marketing period can leave vendors wondering whether they might have achieved an even stronger result if more buyers knew the property was for sale. Just as with off-market sales, when a property is listed on SharedListing and sells during a pre-marketing period, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that the price you get represents the best price available from all the buyers connected to all the agents in your area (or at least those agents you and your listing agent decided to share the listing with).