Connect More

When you register with SharedListing, you will be connecting with a large community of agents looking to collaborate and gain access to the listings they’ve shared.  To make things even easier, each shared listing will clearly display how much commission the listing agent is offering to share if you can introduce the eventual purchaser. Connect across residential, commercial or both.

  • Residential
  • Commercial

Sell More

Once you’ve registered, you can immediately start sharing your own listings and leveraging the buyer networks of other agents to ensure your sales results are fully optimised (price and time on market).  This is also a significant benefit to your vendors, giving you a powerful new business development tool that you can use when you pitch to win new listings.

You are in control.  You decide which other agents you share the listing with and how much commission you’re prepared to share.  And you only share if another agent introduces the ultimate purchaser. Assuming conjunction agreement has been entered into on this basis.

Earn More

Generate additional revenue by introducing potential buyers to other agents’ listings. We’ve made the process easy by incorporating chat functionality into the SharedListing platform and giving you the ability to enter into conjunction agreements electronically (including from your phone!).